Fr. Eddie’s Page

Dear Parish Family,

This weekend Fr. Bob Byrne is filling in for me while I get some R&R. I have known Fr. Bob since I was a sophomore at CMU in 2002. I found opportunities to serve at his parish (Sacred Heart) that year and found myself attending Mass there for the remainder of undergraduate years. Fr. Bob showed remarkable patience with me, and my friends during the infancy of our adulthoods. He always had an encouraging word and affirmed us in our desire to serve Christ and his Church. He had a funny knack of showing up to our Bible studies right when we were stumped by a sticky question regarding Moral Theology, and he kindly explained the nuances to us. On Sundays his homilies provided a challenge, but were rooted in the warmth of God’s love, just as was his counsel in confession. Fr. Bob helped me understand that priests were ordinary men with extraordinary callings. I do not think I would be in the collar today, if it were not for his witness during my college years, but don’t hold that against him!

I ask you all offer a prayer of thanksgiving for Fr. Bob this weekend as he provides the sacraments while I recharge my batteries. Pray he and all the priests of Saginaw continually model Christ the Servant and pray for more priests to be ordained to serve these 11 counties soon!

I don’t know if he remembers, but Fr. Bob once told a 21 y/o Eddie Dwyer, “You know, whatever parish has you after you graduate is going to be very blessed. You’re a real servant.” That certainly gave me the confidence that I could live this priestly life. There was no pressure, and no iron bound expectations, just a simple affirmation of what he saw in me. That’s sometimes all a young man needs to hear to get him to consider this vocation even more. So please, do the same with young men you see with servants’ hearts.

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Peace, may the Good Lord bless and keep you all the days of your lives.


Fr. Edwin C. Dwyer, JCL