Fr. Eddie’s Page

Dear Parish Family,

I want to address 2 matters today: a mistake on my part, and a rumor I’ve heard a few times.

  1. I made a mistake at our 12:15pm Mass on All Saints Day (Nov. 1). I forgot to take up the collection at that liturgy. I was simply honed in on my usual routine for a lunch break Mass, and  went past that part without a second thought: a common flaw of mine. A few of you handed me envelopes after that Mass, and we processed them in the usual matter. If, however, you wanted to make a special contribution for that day, and the opportunity passed due to my negligence, do not worry; I’m still happy to accept the gift for the parish! You may drop the All Saints envelope in a normal Sunday collection in the near future, or simply add to one of your regular Sunday tithes.


  1. I have multiple times now heard a rumor that I may be moved from this parish soon. This is simply a rumor, and no more. I have a three year term that began on July 1, 2018. So long as no extraordinary circumstances arise, I will be here through June of 2021. From what I’ve gathered this rumor has arisen because of how much more frequently Deacon Ken is present at our liturgies, and his increased preaching. This has led some to think that I am training the good deacon to be our new administrator. This is false​. I have simply employed the use of Deacon Ken because he is willing to serve, and I am willing to have him serve. He has been a tremendous help to me as I adjust to this parish. He (usually) preaches every Friday, and once a month on weekends. This gives me a bit of a break and let’s me focus on other matters more intensely from time to time. Even if he does not preach, I find his presence on the altar during Mass to be a true witness of Christian service for the congregation, and for me as a priest. We are blessed to have such a dedicated deacon, but there are no plans for him to take over the parish.

    Through the intercession of Our Lady of Peace, may the Good Lord bless and keep you all the days of your lives.



Fr. Eddie