CSA 2018

CSA 2018 at Our Lady of Peace

The amount we need to raise this year for CSA is $91,104. Even though we often refer to this as our “target” or our “goal,” giving to CSA is not like a goodwill offering. CSA ensures that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan will continue to function in every way it needs to. All parishes are given a portion of that overall cost, based on the number of envelope-holders in the parish and the average income of people in that area as determined by the most recent U.S. census. If we don’t reach our target, we’ll have to take money out of our savings to make up the difference.

If you’ve ever thought, “Why doesn’t our Diocese do something about…” you’ve raised an issue that requires CSA funds. CSA pays for A LOT:

*The Vicar General, who travels around the Diocese, working with all 56 parishes, to help with parish projects (and parish problems).

Diocesan Offices (Chancellor’s office, Christian Service, Child and Youth Protection, Faith Formation, Finance Office, Liturgy Office, Mission Office, etc.)

*Christian Outreach (respect life ministry, grief ministry, post-abortion ministry, legal help, Rachel’s Vineyard ministry)

*Divorce Ministry (Annulments no longer cost anything, but the Marriage Tribunal is still helping divorced people, as well as training people in parishes to help with annulments.)

*Ministries to Catholic College Students (Both CMU and SVSU have a strong Catholic presence on campus, but these depend on CSA.)

*Education of Seminarians (ordination to the Priesthood requires a Master’s degree, along with tuition and room and board in a seminary)

*Training of Men as Permanent Deacons (the need for deacons is great, and CSA pays for their formation)

*The Lay Ministry Program (Nearly 400 people in the Diocese are Commissioned Lay Ministers, and CSA helps pay for their training)

*Migrant Ministry (Through the Office of Hispanic Ministries, CSA brings the Sacraments and religious education to those who labor on our farms)

*Youth Ministry (March For Life, World Youth Day, MYE Faith, Feed the Fire, youth leadership training, youth retreats, etc.)

*Special Collections (CSA includes the special collections of Black and Indian Missions, Catholic Home Missions, Catholic Family Service, Church of Africa, Catholic University, Church of Latin America, Peter’s Pence, the Holy Land, the National Human Life Amendment, and more.)

No CSA money has gone to pay for the renovation of the Cathedral. That was completely paid for by private donations from individuals, families, and organizations. Also, no CSA money ever goes to pay for lawsuits against the Diocese. (We have insurance for that.) In fact, the Diocese undergoes auditing by an independent firm to assure that no finances are misused.