CSA 2019


Our parish is beginning the annual Catholic Services Appeal. Our parish assessment this year is $88,685.77. This is $2,500 less than last years assessment. We are hopeful that your gifts and payments will exceed our assessment because the excess will be returned to the parish. In consultation with the Pastoral and Finance Councils, we have decided that we will use any excess payments will be given to the Food Pantry. Please help our parish support the many ministries of our diocese and support the ongoing work of our parish. Thank you!

New this year we will have drawings from all CSA envelopes turned in each week for the first 4 weeks. If you decide to give to ONLINE Giving
(new this year) we will take all of the names that have singed up in the weeks between May 18th and June 1st and one winner will receive a prize.
More information about this in the coming weeks.

Did you know that last year in our Diocese there were…?
2,079 Catholic elementary and high school students who received a solid education in the faith
4,400 elementary and middle school and high school students who attended faith formation sessions
7 seminarians from our diocese that continue to grow closer to the Lord and the priesthood.
814 Baptized into the faith
118 that were received into full Communion
786 First Communions
842 people that were confirmed in the Catholic faith
311 couples that began a new life as husband and wife through the sacrament of marriage
1,370 funerals

The Pastoral and Finance Councils ask you to consider 1% of your income to be pledged to our CSA drive the weekend of May18/19. Please pray and reflect on this in the coming weeks.